Thursday, June 03, 2010

New Paintings by Bennie

This is a new color scheme for the cocktail them. I'm also currently working on a commission using these colors for a "Peace, Love, & Flip-Flops" painting.

"My M&Ms!" - I have a version of this on a canvas that I've been unable to sell but I've been asked plenty of times for a print. I now have one available after completing this one on a sheet of 16" x 20" canvas paper.

"Primitive Coast"
16" x 20" acrylic on canvas

I started "Hello Sports Fans!" right after returning from the NFC Championship game in New Orleans back in January. It was fun taking the Mardi Gras mask idea and tying with the passion many have for their favorite team.

"Fleur de Lis" was also inspired by that trip to New Orleans. This is also acrylic on 16" x 20" canvas.


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Something for Ben from Largest Festival of Disabled Artists Opens in DC

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