Monday, January 11, 2010

This Should Be Criminal

Here is a story about how the economy and state budget cuts are beginning to affect families like us. Karson Brewster was born with a rare genetic disorder, something she didn't ask for nor earn because she had bad parents. It is a situation that many families within the disability community have to live with. We were just hit by lightening. of us survive on state supported funding to help us care for our children. Honest to God we wish we didn't have to but it is the reality of living this life we didn't choose. Like the Brewsters one of the spouses usually ends up quitting their job to help care for the child. That becomes financial smack down number one in that a two income family must now rely on one. Financial smack down number two is the Great Recession caused by our previous administration's ineptitude at overseeing an out-of-control banking system and the decision to use valuable taxpayer dollars to invade another country against the overwhelming opinion of the American people not to do so. Now our elected "leaders" are going to punish the most vulnerable of our citizens?

Certainly hard decisions have to be made in managing state budgets with great shortfalls but cutting from disability administrations should be the last place to look. How about from transportation, tourism, natural resources, or tax agencies? Shame on you Gov. Martin O'Malley. Shame on any elected official or anyone else for that matter who steals from a special needs family.

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