Monday, December 07, 2009

Once Again

The seventh of the month has rolled around again so you'll find my blog post over here today. If you haven't joined us yet at Hopeful Parents then come on over and meet more families like ours. Sometimes happy - sometimes sad - always informative. I've really come to appreciate the folks I've met there and hopefully this month's contribution reflects that.

So to be perfectly honest I'm not doing so well. Currently I'm at Kiawah Island spending the day thinking and reflecting about our current state of affairs. The trip to Savannah was a bust - and I am really doing an excellent job of beating myself up for it.

Folks we are quickly closing in on that flat broke status, a not-so-unusual condition for us this time of year. By taking the chance on this past weekend's show I made things even more financially difficult for us. To wrap things up in a nice package complete with ribbons and bows I didn't even make my booth fee. At the moment we can't figure out how we're going to provide a Christmas for Jessie much less Ben.

Joan has been the most incredible wife anyone could have by continuing to support my career as an artist but it's becoming increasingly clear that I might have to look for another source of income. Anyone know anything about robbing banks? I know how to rob Peter to pay Paul! I do have a few irons in the fire but those embers aren't even glowing - just a few whiffs of smoke every now and then.

I will admit the mini paintings were a hit. In fact that is about all I sold. But selling 2 dozen originals at 5 bucks a pop doesn't add up to a whole lot. Bummer.

Anyway, I head home tomorrow morning. Hopefully getting some hugs and smiles from the kiddies will cheer me up some. And if you know of anyone wanting to share the gift of art this Christmas please let me know!


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