Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Paintings from (Mostly) Ben

As you will see, Ben's style (with just a little help from me these days) is transitioning into something we feel is more inspirational and motivating...and obviously more interesting to him. Over the course of his or her career every artist naturally grows from life experiences, artistic epiphanies, and sometimes just plain boredom.

From the earliest days of his life we knew Ben was something very special...and not just in the terminology of "special needs." Our son has an exceptional gift - a gift that sometimes cannot be explained. Through all of the difficulties and challenges he has faced Ben has remained determined to conquer each of them, most often with a huge smile and a belly full of laughs. And along the way he's managed to keep the rest of his family and loved ones hopefully optimistic.

I've noted many times over the past months that I have a slew of Ben paintings to finish. Some of the images the emerge at first (or second or third, etc.) glance become obvious. Others? Not so much. And then there have been a few that I literally have been reluctant to do anything with. These in my limited artistic opinion I found to stand on their own. The first of these three offerings happens to be one of those.

The other two have evolved due to the recent literary additions to my own work. It felt quite natural that Ben's paintings reflect the message we generally interpret from him so my part is limited and very easy to contribute.

Another important change: we are not setting a price this time. We want the "collector" to purchase the painting for either what they think it is worth or what they actually can afford. Even though we need money, in discussions amongst the family, we feel this is the right thing to do because of Ben's gift. There is a huge difference between my and my son's art. Even though we create because we love it, I now do it as a source of income. Ben does it purely for the joy it brings him and in turn for the joy it brings others. As always click on the image to see a larger view.

"Rocket Man"
9" x 12"
This is entirely 100 percent Ben. I have two witnesses to verify that fact! The painting is Ben's most recent effort, facilitated the last day Nurse Stacey and Nurse Tracy (Ben's new primary nurse). Tracy was the one who first spotted the rocket. Ever since I saw it I've had the Elton John song running through my head. For some reason the lyrics seem very poignant in relation to the life Ben leads. Does he really feel alone in his "outer space?"

"Life's Challenges"
9" x 12"
Again all Ben with the with addition of the quote by Bernice Johnson Reagon. BTW, I have now fixed the missing "n". My gut feeling was to make the appearance childlike with a touch of graffiti.

8" x 10"
Another all one hundred percent Ben with a wonderful quote added by Dad.

A bio and description of our work together will be attached to the back of each painting.


Liz said...

I find that I like the ones without words much better than I like the ones with. The paintings are an interesting blend of colours and, even if they don't look like anything, they still capture a kind of mood.

Ben and Bennie said...

Thanks for the critique!!! I needed some feedback for these.

Kyla said...

Love the Rocket Man.