Saturday, November 14, 2009

On the Palette

Raw Sienna: It's mid November in the South and temperatures say it is Spring! Honestly I couldn't be happier. Today I'm wearing shorts since the highs reached the low 80s which is a good thing since we had a slew (okay three) tween girls left over from Jessie's sleep over last night.

Ben obviously stayed up with them since his room is adjacent to our den which has our loud television, near our kitchen which has the much used microwave, and very close to his HP Touch Screen computer which most likely played pop videos well into Saturday morning. He was lethargic most of the day unless we mentioned Jessie's little entourage. Then we got huge sleepy smiles.

Only one casualty was reported. Joan had to drive home one of the girls at 5 this morning due to an overdose of junk food and soda. Note to self: buy non-caffeine sodas next time we host that many kids.

Brilliant Blue: The regular readers may notice that given the challenge of NaBloPoMo I have missing entries for a couple of days. The truth is that I wrote blog posts but removed them shortly afterward. All but one were politically charged and to be frank I am very tired of the political dialogue in this country.

One of the entries made it to Facebook and I made a promise to not engage others there regarding hot topics which will not lead to civil discussions. Too bad because several friends of mine who have differing opinions about our current situation became angry for a variety of reasons. This upsets me a great deal because it is a perfect example of what is happening within our country at the moment - we are imploding from within.

Of all things I despise is when folks pull the religious quotes/sayings/folk-lore for their benefit. Regardless of whether you are an atheist or not (and I know some of our friends happen to be so) you cannot ignore the most overlooked and ignored of The Ten Commandments which in the least sense offers incredible advice: love your neighbor as yourself.

I raise my hand to admit that I am one of those who is most often quick to make a (wrongful) judgment about someone because I might disagree with you. How very wrong of me. How very wrong of all of us to just sometimes shut the hell up and listen to the other side...whatever the other side may be.

My personal feeling is that we are at another crossroads - similar to the one that ended the 1960s. The hope here is that education and memory will make many of us pause before we become so angry that we no longer listen to the real pulse of The United States of America.

Medium Magenta: I still have some interesting photos from my last two shows. For those in the Savannah market I will be down there for Christmas on the River the first weekend of December. Look for some more artwork you might consider as a gift in the next few days!

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