Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks 3

We've been thrilled the past couple of weeks to have acclimated Ben's new primary nurse into the family. Over the nearing ten years since we brought Ben home for the first time there have been a slew of home nurses that have come to visit us. Many of them have only stayed a short while just to learn how to care for a child with a tracheotomy. Making a very conservative guess perhaps two dozen nurses have taken care of our boy on a regular basis during that time (it's probably more than that including one male - and don't make fun of him like "Dr. House" - he was retired Marine Corp so I'm certain he could kick major ass).

Joan and I have often talked about the oddity of having a stranger come and live with us for roughly eight hours five days a week. It took a long time for us to adjust to this lifestyle - we cannot imagine how strange it must be for that courageous person who knowingly, willingly, and in almost every case lovingly decides to spend their work days living in this household. Not only are they subjected to the ever-changing conditions of our exceptional son (including changes of diapers soiled by a child not of your own) but they also get to experience the "drama" of our entire family in full blown living color. For the moment think about all those things you really don't want your neighbors to know about you - now think about all those things you really don't want to know about your neighbors. You see where I'm going with this?

My gut feeling is that none of these ladies (and one guy) make a great deal more by choosing this career path. Even if they do make a few extra dollars, I personally don't think you could pay me enough to actually live in another family's home much less care for a special-needs child while doing it! These are indeed special people. And the really, really good ones become part of our family. In our book they have to.

Nurse Tracy and her husband are native South Africans. Having her become Ben's nurse has obviously been one of the most fascinating relationships we've established since we embarked on this journey. This particular day was awesome since Joan took the day off from work and was able to spend some time with Tracy. Yes indeed she has a very cool accent but we're most enjoying to hear about her family's travels and the cultural nuances from places they have lived. Of course our biggest worry was eased quite early on since she fell in love with Ben.

So with these observations in mind on Thanksgiving Eve I want to wish a very deserved blessing upon every person who has chosen nursing as a career - particularly those who walk into a strangers home every now and then...

Special thanks to Vickie, Lisa, Stacey, Julie G., Julie C., Julie A., Kelly, and Mary.

"It is impossible to feel grateful and depressed in the same moment." Naomi Williams

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Anonymous said...

Awww Bennie! Thanks! I love you guys! Big hug and kiss to Ben and Jessie!