Friday, July 10, 2009

Capri Sun Sunrise Winner Announcement!

I apologize for the weird sound delay once again. Me and Ben wanted to make this huge announcement via our HP Media gear but evidently I am still inept at this computer recording & uploading stuff. If anyone has suggestions then please let us know! We record then upload to YouTube and then this momentary delay occurs. Any ideas will be appreciated!

In the mean time, those at the BlogHer Conference 2009 will definitely miss out on the guys who could be the best entertainment available! Although my man Ben is a huge flirt, he's a gentleman at heart. Just between you and me he's definitely the best dancer. Also he's the only one I know who can actually get away with one of those "banana hammocks." Me? I prefer something a bit more clown pants?


Gretchen said...

Congrats Jan!!

flutter said...

I am a tarp girl, myself.

Kyla said...

You crack me up. Ben was just mesmerized by his own good looks.

I'm not going to BlogHer either. Instead, I'm doing another 5 week bath mini. JOY. Damned medical aspirations...what can ya do?