Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ben's Weekend

Truly it sucks to have the weekend come to its close. Given our stressful week and those that lay before us, the respite these last two days brought us has been a gift from heaven. My mom came over Saturday and spent almost the entire afternoon with us. Ben made it clear that he wants more time with his grandmother!

I wish I had filmed more but me and my mom were having a blast preparing for the coming art festival season. Ben sat beside us the entire afternoon and it was clear to us that the joy he has for life influenced our work. My hope is that we have many more weekends like this one.

This was filmed near the end of the day. Sorry for the drool but it is the cleanest you'd ever encounter. Also Ben began to focus on "something else" in the room near the end. We are now certain that it was the presence of my dad. Yeah, go ahead and be a skeptic. All of us (Ben's family) were witnesses at one time. Had you been there you also would've experienced the eeriness and comfort it brings at the same time.


kimmyk said...

His attention sure was someplace else wasn't it?

I use to love rocking my babies...Ben's lucky that his MeMaw can still rock him. He looks like he's putting on pounds...and that's a good thing I'm sure.

It was good to see him laughing...makes ya wonder what's really out "there".

flutter said...

those little dimples in his hands just about killed me. He is precious

Gretchen said...

Flutter--I was going to comment on the dimples too--love 'em.

Great video--looking forward to the purses and dresses and more!

Maddy wore her jean jacket to her grandma's and to school and got rave reviews!


Anonymous said...

Ben's hair is the most gorgeous color. It's adorable seeing him with his GM.