Friday, December 26, 2008

On the Second Day of Christmas

Because I was asked to by a couple of readers, tonight's post contains images of some of the tote bags that served as Christmas presents. And because some of them were surprises I wouldn't post them until after the 25th. I'm also including a couple of trays that I did as well. Sorry I didn't offer these before the holidays but I was slammed (thankfully) two years ago getting them ready for Santa. And you thought only elves did the Jolly Big Guy's work...okay that definitely left an opening for my TALL friend Redneck Mommy to get a zinger in.

So let me first say thank you to all of you who bought artwork from us over the past few weeks. We will be able to get through the month because of you. I worked hard to make sure you received a quality product. If for some reason you aren't happy then please e-mail me so I can rectify the situation.

Secondly, yesterday was absolutely marvelous. I learned a valuable lesson (again) in that sometimes less is more. The Spirit of the season definitely made its presence known to us through the eyes of children (I should've known better). Come back tomorrow to read about our wonderful day - the first of 12 Christmas Days.

The golf themed tray titled "The 19th Hole."

Some of the smaller totes.

A Clemson Snowman. In the past I've done Clemson, South Carolina, Furman, Ohio State, Wake Forest, Coastal Carolina, Georgia Southern, Georgia, and even Florida (that I remember off the top of my head).

The Palm Totes - medium size.

Rear side of one Palm tote.

Rear side of another Palm tote.

Special order here: I was asked to do a tote using the image of the Angel card. I was quite proud of this one! The photo does no justice for this one.

Another fun one to complete!


flutter said...

LOL a.castaway!

Gretchen said...

The bottom two are MY BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are gorgeous!! I've special ordered 2 more. People--must buy these beauties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!