Friday, August 15, 2008

In My Other Life

I shied away from differences,
From wheelchairs,
From walkers,
From kids with bald heads.

I judged others
Too quickly,
Too harshly,
Too carelessly.

I withheld kindnesses too often;
Eye contact,
Spoken words.

I did not understand the pain that comes
With illness,
With questions,
With waiting.

I didn't know that a different life could be

But I do now.

When Bennie asked me to guest post, I was honored and accepted, and promptly came down with writer's block (thus the photo heavy posts at my own blog this week!). In the middle of the night, this poem came to mind, and I went archive diving in search of it. It was written and posted at my own blog about a year ago...but it seemed like just the thing to share in this place where Bennie has shared so much with us.


kimmyk said...

who wrote this?

it's beautiful. gave me chills.

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Thank You!

Kyla said...

Kimmyk: I wrote it, about a year ago.

kimmyk said...

very pretty.

you have a way with words girlie.

Gretchen said...

AMEN Kyla--and you're as big an inspiration to me as Bennie!

God bless you and little KayTar! :)