Monday, June 23, 2008

24: The Southern Version

No need to TiVo or set your VCRs. We're just sharing a few moments of the previous 24 hours. I was supposed to be at Myrtle Beach, SC over the weekend but van problems kept me home. It was only the second time in 3 full-time years I've had to cancel a show.

It also makes the entire family even more regretful that we missed out on the annual PKS conference that took place over the weekend. BUT my next thought would be shared by the whole family. We made the most of the weekend swimming in the pool and cooking out on the grill. I gotta say that we had us a great time!

The green thing above is an underwater "skateboard." Jessie and I tried using the stupid thing. It's now a wonderful tiny float like one of those noodles. You can stand on it in the pool only to watch it launch about 10 feet in the air if you follow its directions.

Here's some fun stuff from the previous 24 hours:

Jessie and Blaze sitting on the diving board.

Aqua Bot, our favorite robot getting ready for action!

Thank you, Vicki! Jessie and Ben play on Me-Ma's laptop this morning.


Anonymous said...

what - have -you - been - feeding - that - dog??????
He's huge! (well, not compared to our hound - but seriously, he was teeny last time we saw him. And skinny.)

Anonymous said...

oh, and I forgot to say - the kids look better every time I see them! They are both beautiful!

Kyla said...

I love that picture of Jessie and Ben!

moplans said...

oh I just knew looking at that green board I would NEVER be able to manage it.
what a gorgeous shot of Jessie and the one of the two together is great too.

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Priceless! I sure do miss you guys, especially that yelling little boy!!!!