Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Those Wacky British Folks

Being a full-time artist and one of those traveling carnie folk types, I will gladly admit that I'm just a little off the wall (Joan of course would ask, "A little?"). In fact all of us that choose this profession to some degree, and in the words of good friend Freebird, "just ain't right." We all have our individual quirks, idiosyncrasies, weird habits, delusions, paranoia, eccentricities, bizarre behavior, and usually foul mouths. But over all were really nice people.

Some folks would probably say we weren’t fully cooked in the womb. Others perhaps wonder if we’ve incurred some type of head injury and decided not to complete rehab. While even others probably speculate about what kind of chemicals we ingested while we should’ve been studying Prehistoric Art or English Literature or Music Composition 101 (okay those people might be on to something).

If you ask us we will tell you that we are rebels, seekers of truth. We’ll tell you that we dig deep within our psyche for the benefit of mankind to discover who we really are and then put it on canvas, in a journal, or even to music for the rest of society to better understand itself. Just like our early American heroes we are the modern day pioneers and settlers searching for freedom of heart, soul, and expression. Essentially we are related to those brave men and women who in 1773 tossed those barrels of tea into the Boston Harbor just to say to the status quo, “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any longer!”

So maybe that’s a little overboard (pun intended). After 232 years I think we’re now getting along just fine. You Brits have your country; we have ours. You all have your weird accent; we have…a lot of them. You had Tony Blair; we’re soon to have had George Bush. You have Monty Python; we have Dave Chappelle. You have football; we have football (and soccer). You have your great works of art….um….wanna really piss off an artist? Pass this off as art.

If you’ll excuse me I’m about to teach Blaze the Chihuahua how to tap dance on a canvas.


Anonymous said...

It's really nice to hear this opinion come from an artist. Sometimes these wackos try to make themselves seem misunderstood and therefore brilliant.

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

That's just.... uh... just.... uh.....I'm at a loss. And that doesn't really happen that often!

Kyla said...

OMG, I'm laughing. She was so serious. This four leaf clover does make us ask questions, like, is this woman SANE? ;)

we_be_toys said...

I think you may have hit the wacky nail on the forehead here, and I should know; I ain't been right for as long as I can remember! But, being left-handed, I AM confident that I am in my right mind -hahahaha!

PS -I usually waited until AFTER studying for the Art History test to begin any hypothetical ingestion of chemicals - and like Bill Clinton, I NEVER inhaled!

moplans said...

I;d love to hear your opinion on Tracey Emin?