Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Touched by the Other Angel

On our recent beach retreat Jessie and I got to spend some quality time snapping photos, walking on the beach, and sharing memorable daddy/daughter time. I captured this image on our last stroll before she and Joan returned home. After slowing down to take in the beauty of the day I looked ahead at Blaze and Jessie advancing toward the walkway to the beach house. I knew immediately when I opened the shutter that I had an image that would make an indelible mark upon my heart.

Over the long weekend I made a mental note to hold my daughter's hand as much as possible. I don't sense the time approaching just yet when Jessie will settle for a hug and a peck on the cheek before stuffing her hands in pockets to prevent the embarrassment of her father making an embarrassing social faux pa. But I know it is coming.

This is how I see Jessie these days. She is slowly making her way toward becoming a woman and leaving behind the need for her daddy to provide her strength, her courage, and her protection. At some level I will still be all those things for her but not in the way it has been these past eleven years.

The changes I'm seeing in my daughter are breathtaking. She makes me so very proud and at the same time she scares the hell out of me. Jessie has always been incredibly bright and good natured. Her sense of humor is way beyond her years. She is dedicated to her talents and uses them wisely. In short she's pretty much everything I wasn't at her age.

Perhaps I am too worrisome and melancholy at the moment. These first eleven years have been an absolute joy and there's no reason to expect anything different over the next eleven. Maybe it is the expectations I have for myself that have me concerned. I want to provide every opportunity I possibly can to make Jessie's life filled to it's fullest and that seems so very difficult at the moment.

Aside: Jessie finally has updated her blog. She has so many more photos to share but has yet to find the time to work on them. Of course this particular image was another one that she did ALL HER OWN - NO PHOTOSHOP - NO DADDY HELP. On top of that her birthday present (the new camera) turned up defective so she's having to share with me once again. Keep checking her stuff out. It is amazing!


moosh in indy. said...

OH! Those days will be here tomorrow won't they?
I finally FINALLY ordered a frame for our puppy picture. It's in the mail RIGHT NOW.

Kyla said...

She'll come through the teen years alright, so will you. There might be some bumps, but she's intelligent and you and Joan are good parents.

I'm telling you this now so you can return the favor in 5 years when BubTar is teetering on this edge. ;)

Unknown said...

And all those wonderful qualities have been nurtured and developed by her parents.

Good job!