Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things to Do
(Blogged by Ben)

Hello everyone! I'm glad you came to visit! As you already know me and Dad came home from the beach yesterday. It was so much fun that we're both missing it already. My Me-Ma called today just to tell us that she misses all of my smiles and laughter.

I was happy that Jessie and Mom got to come for a few days but I have to admit that I liked having my Me-Ma all to myself for a change. She was so full of ideas that kept me busy every day! I think she's just as creative as Dad. Plus she was very patient with me when we played games. I love her very much and can't wait until we return in March!

If you are at the beach with your Me-Ma, here are some things to do:

  1. Watch the rock band Kiss performing live on the the DVD called Symphony. She sat and watched the whole concert with me! The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra even wears make-up like the band.
  2. Feed the birds and squirrels leftovers - then watch them eat the buffet. We learned that crows will eat cabbage but not green beans and squirrels will eat peanuts but not the shells. Picky eaters.
  3. Go fishing with a magnetic wand. Even though it was a wooden puzzle I caught a crab, a goldfish, a clown fish, and what old-timers call a star fish. Me-ma says the politically correct term is "sea star." I just don't see Patrick as a "sea star" unless you include him as a Spears family member.
  4. Take a bath with Daddy. Mommy says she's glad he didn't drown me but I was never afraid. The water was only two inches deep. Really!
  5. Read a book about alligators. Did you know alligators have 80 teeth? And they eat animals about the same size as me? And they're all over the island we were visiting? I guess Mom wasn't too thrilled with that idea either.
  6. Have her buy you a pair of Crocs and stare at them all weekend. I didn't even know I had feet! Now she's searching for Jibbitz I can wear.
  7. Turn up the oldies classic rock radio station and dance! Not only can my Me-Ma watch a Kiss concert with me, she can also boogie to The Rolling Stones!
  8. Enjoy watching her cook. Dad says this was very important to add to the list. So did Mom. I had fun listening to her talk about it and tasting stuff but I suspect Dad, Mom, and Jessie enjoyed it even more. Just a hunch.
And there you have my eight simple tips in making your Me-Ma feel special in her own beach house! I guess I should invite her more often. What do you think?


we_be_toys said...

It sounds like you guys had a FAB time at the beach! I'm so jealous! Me-ma sounds like she knows how to have the best fun too!

btw, thanks so much for your words of impetus - I am going to get my behunkus over to the canvas ASAP! I'll send you a picture when I've progressed a bit.

Kyla said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful Ben! I'm glad you had such a fun time with your Me-Ma.

Gretchen said...

You and your Me-Ma are both very lucky and very blessed to have each other. :)

Anonymous said... that a Red Sox jersey I see you wearing, Ben? Glad you had fun with Me-Ma.

Creative-Type Dad said...

What fun! I say definitely invite her over more often