Friday, January 04, 2008

New Again

I shall return to this video again one day. Probably when Ben is once again sick and has to endure hourly "sticks" to check his blood. Or perhaps when I learn of another family whose child is born "different" than other children. Or maybe when we are flat broke after I've returned from a disappointing art show and I'm wondering how we are going to pay the bills. Or in the worst case I can imagine, hearing about a mother who has lost her child.

For those who think they are without hope I can honestly point toward the place you can find it.


Katie said...

Oh heavens,

"Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me"

As you know, my precious Jakie did not go peacefully and that line, how it burns my heart. I needed this post from you today. I find it to be no coincidence you were led to share this song/video today-bless you and thank you. You hug that boy of yours extra tight for me okay?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the video.