Monday, September 10, 2007

Teacher, Teacher,
Can You Teach me?

Although our area schools have been in session for about three weeks now today was Ben’s first official attendance day. Ben obviously enjoyed his first day back sharing lots of big smiles and meeting new friends. The day was bittersweet however in knowing that Kristy Adams is no longer his teacher. We found this out a few weeks ago at “Meet the Teacher Day.”

We’ve gotten accustomed to the annual changes involved with Jessie’s school year. Each autumn the worry over which teacher she might get has been proven to be a needless waste of time. It seems the same line is repeated each spring: “Ms. so-and-so has been the best teacher yet!”

Ben’s situation is much different. Even though he is fast approaching his 8th birthday he’s still in the early stages of interpreting the world around him. And if there’s anything we’ve gained from past experience it is an extremely important choice of the individual who will guide him through the learning process. Up until the moment he entered the care of our local school system Joan and I had total control over who those people were. Now things are different.

Just like Jessie we’ve been very fortunate with Ben. He’s had two teachers that have been marvelous! And the more likely possibility will be that teacher number three will be someone mom and dad will be just as thrilled with. For the record we don’t know who that is at the moment. The school district is in the process of hiring someone after the new would-be teacher had a change of heart the day before we were supposed to meet her. For now Ben has a lovely temporary teacher with two outstanding aids.

However this change has been different. We’ve only known Kristy two years but we know without a shadow of doubt that she will be one of the most influential people upon Ben’s life. We know her values and the love she has for all children. There is never a time when I mention Ben’s school that Jessie doesn’t ask about her. At the ripe old age of 10 Jessie has already stated many times that she wants to be a teacher just like Miss Kristy. Now if that isn’t a TRUE positive influence on a young lady during the Hannah Montana era I don’t know what else it would be.

In these past two years we’ve seen a remarkable change in Ben’s personality. I’ve mentioned on several occasions Ben’s reluctance to pose for a camera. Miss Kristy captured the essence of Ben in the photo above. I wish I, or Joan, or Jessie, or even one of Ben’s nurses could take credit for one of the most beautiful pictures ever taken of my son. This is the God-given talent of a teacher who Ben loves so dearly that he will face one of things he despises the most with all the joy he has to offer.

Joan told me that Kristy was rather teary-eyed that afternoon we were told we had a new class. Nurse Lisa related that Miss Kristy came by over her lunch break just to hold Ben and make sure he was "okay." When we were leaving today I got the opportunity to see Kristy myself.

I should’ve told her everything I’ve typed here tonight. I should’ve told her how ALL of those closest to Ben have been grieving that she’s no longer his teacher. I should’ve told her that in all likelihood this blog would not have gained it’s focus and survived had it not been for her influence. I should’ve made her aware of how important she is in the lives of Ben and his classmates. And in turn I should’ve listened to what she did over her summer since she probably participated in some amazing mission work, which she is prone to do.

Instead she wanted to know about Ben’s vacation months and that is what we talked about.

Typical teacher.


Kyla said...

You should send her a copy of this. She would love it.

I hope his new teacher is just as inspirational.

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

This is going to be an awesome year filled w/ many new adventures. Keep an eye on this blog to watch Ben's amazing progress...coming soon!!!!!!!!

Ben & Bennie said...

Kyla, trust me. She'll know very soon how we feel.

bennie said...

And she read it on her birthday!

creative-type dad said...

Sounds like a very good teacher to me.

I love it when one of my students parents tells me how much their kid enjoys my class. That's exactly why I keep it up.

kimmyk said...

i wonder why he doesn't like his picture taken?

you sound blessed with such a great teacher.