Saturday, September 29, 2007

EdVenture Second Weekend in Pictures

It was an incredible day here in South Carolina. Ben woke up ready to travel and ready to paint!

One of the features of EdVenture is "BubbleLoosa." Later in the afternoon bubbles are floating all the way to Myrtle Beach!

You saw 40-foot-high Eddie last weekend. This dragonfly that sits on Eddie's finger has a six-foot wingspan!

We featured more signs about PKS this weekend. That is the name of the syndrome that Ben was born with.

A description of Pallister Killian Syndrome.

One of Ben's nurses and her daughter paid a surprise visit. Ben was rather confused in the beginning but warmed up very quickly. Hailey (his young friend pictured) loves Ben like a big brother! Things changed quickly and Nurse Vicki was a great "little sister" while I did my thing explaining our artwork. If I haven't ever mentioned before Vicki, Daniel, and Hailey are a part of our family.

Once again Ben fell asleep working. As a father I couldn't be more proud of my son for his strength and efforts the past two Saturdays. I have more to say about the experience with Ben today. I'll be glad to blog about it this week.

I also want to add that today was exactly what the month's theme was about! I can't wait to tell you of the day we had. If you are an exceptional parent you need to check back and read about the wonderful families we met today! Those families included special needs children and those that had no idea about this month's theme! It was amazing!


Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Woohoo!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast today! Sorry I couldn't make it down :(

kimmyk said...

he's all racked out there.

i love his frog blanket. it looks like it's fleece. love those!

why was ben confused to see nurse vicki?

Anonymous said...

His reaction was like, "what are YOU doing here?" They were the only folks we knew who were able to get down to Columbia to see yes.

The funny thing was that we were taking a break and were on our way to see the REAL operating fire engine the museum owns and ran into them. Last weekend we were almost unable to pull Ben away from the truck to go back to work.

Ben pretty much ignored it because he knew Vicki and Hailey wer somewhere nearby. Like I said he warmed up to their prescense very quickly.

Kyla said...

I love the photo of him crashed out. So sweet!

Great photos! And I'm Ben had a sepcial (although slightly confusing) visitor. :)

Creative-Type Dad said...

That giant hand is freaking me out. Wait, I think the giant bug freaks me out more.

Can't wait to hear more about the day