Sunday, September 23, 2007

EdVenture First Weekend Memories

Ben is ready to work! Although it appears he's looking up at his surroundings he is actually doing something we've always found interesting while he thinks. He's actually trying to figure out where the paint is because I'm still setting up the display table. I bet he's thinking "Dad is way too slow!"

Me and The Artist are taking a break. Ben has worked on two canvases already and worked very hard while folks were watching. There was an African drum group from Orlando performing at the time so most of the visitors went to see them perform.

Joan gets a rare chance to help Ben get ready to paint! Ben made it obvious that he likes having Mom see what he can do.

Jessie was a great help yesterday. The three of us are getting ready to show our tile painting project. Again we know that Ben gained confidence knowing his big sister was there to support him.

Once again the drum group are doing their thing. Me and Jessie are watching from our viewing place which was on the second floor. The huge child in front of us is the museum's focal point. His name is Eddie and he's interactive. Children can venture inside of Eddie from the rear and see how a human body works. Jessie's highlight was getting to slide down Eddie's colon. Fun stuff.

I'll have more about the weekend tomorrow. We had modem problems today which we were just now able to fix. There is still much to tell about the weekend. We all went to breakfast this morning and discussed what we learned. The great part was that Ben was wide awake at dawn and ready for a new EdVenture. He ate fried apples this morning which he loved. Hopefully we'll have more informative photos next weekend. Also we can now share all of the details of the projects we introduced to the public yesterday. This was a great weekend for our family!


Vance said...

I would make a joke about the whole "Eddie" paragraph, but it's just too easy and probably inappropriate :).

Again, great to see you Bennie. Take care and maybe I'll see you at homecoming.

Anonymous said...

Bennie you have a beautiful family. I'm glad you guys got to have such a great time together.

Kyla said...

Awesome!!! Sounds like it was a great experience!

Karen said...

Glad you all had a great time!
You guys eat fried apples??? Didn't know apples could be fried!

j said...

This blog is amazing, I am so glad I stumbled across it and will definitely be adding it to my blogroll! Ben is adorable and a wonderful artist :)