Friday, August 10, 2007

On the Palette

Red Oxide: Two months after spending nearly a thousand bucks on a new printer and supplies so that we can print much larger giclees we’re still selling about ten 5” x 7” postcards for every single 12” x 16”. Bummer. At this rate we’ll have the thing paid off by the time we start paying Jessie’s college tuition.

Brilliant Orange: I accepted an invitation to participate in my brothers’ fantasy football league. Despite the fact that it’ll make us communicate more often I’m not looking forward to having to mull over mundane statistics every week. Plus I’ll end up rooting for some team I hate just so their running back who happens to be on my fantasy team can score 5 touchdowns to help me win.

By the way, I need a new team name. My old name from bachelor days (BenWah Balls) is a little too risque with me being a good family guy and all these days. Please give me any suggestions you might have. I'll try to think of some kind of clever prize to send to the winner.

Cadmium Red Light: The new puppy is still cute but the honeymoon is somewhat over. He was really great as a camp dog for Ben last week but while living in a pop-up camper for five days, he evidently accumulated quite a bit of energy. In the past 12 hours he’s torn a hole in my favorite koozie and then chewed off a corner of my Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. Did I mention that it was leather bound? I think the little Chihuahua is about to find out what a good old American football punt is like…

Cerulean Blue: I have a feeling that the recent BlogHer conference has created some kind of secret sorority internet sisterhood! Am I the only one whose noticed how many male bloggers have been dropped off blog rolls the last two weeks? I’m equating this to something like when the ladies burned their bras back in the 1970s. Should we of much testosterone be scared?

Actually that conference sounded pretty cool and a lot of fun. There's obviously so much still to learn about blogging. Maybe if I take Ben with me next year the ladies might include me in the festivities?

Just a reminder that there are now less than three days left to place a bid on our latest artwork!


Anonymous said...

That picture of Ben is PRICELESS. His expression says it all..."are you! KIDDING me with this thing?" I read every day, but have yet to comment here!

bennie said...

RW, thank you so much for revealing yourself and commenting! It is so very much appreciated! There are days that we post and wonder if anyone is out there!

kimmyk said...

Poor Ben. He looks like he could just reach up and smack ya. But I'm sure his sissy put that on his head and that makes it okay. LOL!

I had to laugh at your old football league name. Yeah, I can see why ya wanna change that one. MMhhmmm. I don't know anything about fantasy football so I can't help ya. I'll ask Adam he's good with that stuff and I'll get back to ya.

Bummer about the puppy. But believe me!!! I know your pain. My couch that's not very old-chewed up. My carpet in my livingroom? Ditto. Oh the wall upstairs-down to the drywall. My filing cabinet-chomped on. Don't get me started.

edgyartist said...

hi Bennie,

go buy a muzzle for the critter (or just use duct tape - works even better }:o) )
or, if you don't want to have him suffocate, duct tape his left back leg to the chair leg - that way he can still exercise :o)

fantasy football - what is? can't be of much help, but maybe something swedish? just because it sounds like a goofy language (muppetshow cook? smØrebrØd smØrebrØd rumpumpumpum!) and because nobody around here will have a clue what you're saying...

kimmyk said...

Hey Ben I thought I would share this link with you. Someone sent it to me for scrapbooking material but after looking around I thought of you. Maybe you've seen it before..maybe not.