Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Downtown Cola Town

Ben and I are excited to announce our official attendance as participating artists at EdVenture during EdCeptional Kids Month! Located in the historic mill area of Columbia, the facility is the "unofficial" children's museum of South Carolina (the "official" museum is located in Myrtle Beach which in no way matches the exhibits and education offered by EdVenture).

If you recall we announced our invitation back in July. Since that time we've been brain-storming about ideas, projects, or presentations that me and Ben could share with the public. As it turns out my initial idea of creating a permanent installation was not very practical. That became evident when I visited the museum in late July for the final planning meeting. The extremely cool part was getting a tour of the place guided by Cindy Detuello who happens to be the Education Director. In all honesty the place is kind of a hidden gem among all the other things our state capitol has to offer! EdVenture should be at the top of the list of things to do in Cola Town if you have children under the age of 12 (followed closely by a visit to The Riverbanks Zoo).

Details were somewhat finalized this afternoon during a phone call with Cindy as I returned home from a meeting in Columbia about a completely different and almost as exciting artistic endeavor. I'll be sharing about that one in a few days once I digest all of the information. Let's put it this way: when you reach my age brain-storming can be exhausting!

If you can make it, Ben and I would love to meet you and talk about whatever you'd like on these dates:

  • Tuesday September 11 from 5pm until 8pm
  • Saturday September 22 from 10am until 5pm
  • Saturday September 29 from 10am until 5pm
"The Two Bens" will be demonstrating our painting techniques every couple of hours. We'll also have information about projects you can do with your children (regardless of being exceptional or not) and examples of those projects in various stages of completion. Our goal is to show the value of art as a form of therapy, communication, and building better relationships within all families.

If you are interested in attending at anytime throughout the month of September the get in touch with me via e-mail (benwaddell@bellsouth.net). I have discount coupons I can send you. We would really like to meet as many of our South Carolina readers as possible and this will be a great opportunity to that while you interact with Ben.


Kyla said...

Oh! We'd so love to be there, Bennie! Maybe you can take the show on the road and come to OUR children's museum sometime.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to move closer so I can come! Actually, I'd prefer moving your way. Great news! Have fun with it :)


kimmyk said...

I wish I lived closer I'd come hang out with ya....

I hope you guys have a great time though.