Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesdays With Daddy

Hello friends! Before you ask let me tell you that I am doing very well these days. In fact I'm really going to enjoy the next few days!

Thursday my Me-Ma is treating me and my family with a trip to our own West End Field. It is the home of our hometown Greenville Drive. They are a single A minor league club affiliated with the Boston Red Sox. In fact Dad says the stadium is a replica of historic Fenway Park in Boston including our own Green Monster in left field!

This will be our first trip to see a real live baseball game since the Greenville Braves left town a couple of years ago. Since the Atlanta Braves abandoned us we've become Red Sox fans. Boo Braves! Go Sox! Dad also promised that we would get matching red baseball hats so he and I will look alike. I promise to make him post some pictures.

On Friday we are leaving to go camping in the mountains of North Carolina! Dad has a show in Banner Elk this weekend and several of his art friends are bringing along their families as well. I'm anxious to meet some of the other kids I've been told about! If Mom's work week goes well we might even stay an extra day and go gem mining on the way home. It will be a big change in temperature for us too. I heard Dad tell Mom to pack some jackets because the daytime highs will be in the low seventies and the overnight lows in the low fifties. Sounds like good marshmallow roasting weather!

If you're wondering Dad does a pretty good job taking care of me on Tuesdays. He's pretty tired from the weekend so our day starts out slower than usual. But it's worth it to have him mostly to myself one day a week. Jessie usually goes to a friend's house to play so we read books, play ball, crash race my little cars, and sing real loud because no one else is around to be aggravated with us.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll be back soon to let you know about the game and camping. It's about to storm here and I don't want to miss the thunder and lightening show! That always cracks me up!


creative-type dad said...

Wow- Sounds like a fun-filled week.

I'm jealous...!

Nurse Lisa said...

The Sox are the favorite team of your buddy, Rodney, too!! (His dad is originally from the Boston area.) Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!!

Above Average Joe said...

Enjoy the game!

Looks like Mrs. Joe has scored us two tix to Fenway this weekend.

Go Sox!