Thursday, July 19, 2007

On the Palette

Hunters Green: As Ben mentioned earlier this week the whole family will be leaving tomorrow for a weekend in the mountains. All of us are really looking forward to this trip. Our closest of art friends will be there with their families: the Togel's, Buchannan's, & Tomchick's are all bringing their children. This also has the potential to be one of my best shows of the year. To say the least I'm psyched.

Cadmium Red Light: If you notice I'm composing this entry when I should be preparing the kids to attend the ballgame tonight. Funny thing is there is no ballgame tonight. Turns out my wife had the wrong date so next Thursday we'll be headed to West End Field. I'm gonna blame her brain fart on the amount of work she's trying to accomplish so she'll feel relaxed this weekend. I sure don't miss the corporate world.

Medium Magenta: If I haven't mentioned it in a while I'd like to say again how wonderful it is to have a daughter like Jessie. It's tough watching her grow up but it is also a blessing to know her maturity level as she is facing those prepubescent changes that can be so tough. I'm so proud of all she's already accomplished and I do realize how great her potential. I just hope she feels secure enough with me to know I'll always support her decisions whether I like them or not.

Raw Sienna: Our resident hawk has returned from wherever hawks go for sabbatical. I noticed the few remains of a dove last week when I went out to check on our pool pump. Today he/she made him/herself visibly known by lurking in our oak tree. Baloo, our retarded dog, was none too pleased.


moosh in indy. said...

Jessie wouldn't be happy if she knew you used her name and the word "prepubescent" in the same sentence.
Nasty sounding word it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bennie,

we're psyched about seeing you all this weekend - Annie is really excited about meeting Ben finally. She asked me if he likes gentle back rubs (her specialty) at all?

Holly of course is excited about finally getting to meet Jessie - i'm sure they'll hit it off!

We're still running the wash machine ragged this evening, packaging prints and all the lovely stuff we were going to do all week long but managed to procrastinate until this evening and do everything at once.
Does creativity breed insanity?
if so, i think we got it....

Drive careful tomorrow, and we'll see you there (wouldn't it be a hoot to have booths close together? then again, the art pimp would probably drive everybody nuts - and i wouldn't have a safe place to go for a short 'normal' break.

Tell the family we can't wait to meet everybody in person!

conni and the zoo i live in.