Sunday, July 08, 2007

Getting Two Birdies With One Golf Ball

So you might've read my post yesterday. Kyla tagged me with a meme wanting 8 newer and more interesting things than you already knew about me. Here goes...

1. I received a Play Station Portable (PSP) for Fathers Day and I’m seriously addicted to the darn thing. About 4 games came with it but I’ve only been playing one: Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’07. There’s a good reason for it. Although I love playing golf I truly suck at it. In fact I’ve always told my friends if I’m paying x amount of money (x being a fairly sizable chunk of change) then I want to see the whole course: the woods, the lake, the beach, and even meet the interesting people on the adjacent fairways. In this video game I’ve already reduced John Daly to an Ozark Mountain sized hacking club-breaking mound of Arkansas flesh plus I was wearing a pink polo, pink crew socks, and white shorts with my hair dyed purple while doing it. That kind of entertainment is priceless.

2. Confession time. We went swimming in our pool yesterday for the first time all summer. Yours truly even went back out around 10PM last night for a late evening dip and it felt great! There’s not a good reason for our late opening of the pool. Let me just share a little bit of advice for those of you with a pool: never be so lazy that you leave the pool cover off of the pool once you close it for the year. Many scary things grow in a body of water without a filtration system.

3. The Curmudgeon has bestowed a nice little blog award upon me. Evidently this is nice little way of letting some of the guys in the Blogosphere know they’re just as rocking as some of the blog mamas out there (hence the guitar on the blog button). TC has been a much welcome guest here since the early days of our blog and knows I’m a semi-retired rocker – rocker as in I no longer wear Spandex (yes, that happened in 1987 and I’ll spare you the frightening image) but would rather play acoustic for my kids from a rocking chair. The picture is of my last perform-for-the-masses project circa 2004. Deep Fried South is currently on hiatus. I now hereby bestow the award and this meme challenge upon:

And all the guys at Original man

4. Ben showed his true Southern roots yesterday by eating barbecue! Actually it was only the sauce but he was much more interested in it than ice cream, grape jelly, or the mango daiquiri he’s tried in recent months. There’s something special about a kid drooling Memphis style BBQ sauce out of the corner of his mouth wearing a huge smile.

5. Our yard looks like a jungle. I’ve had almost two weeks off from the art shows, which was to be used to clean up flowerbeds, mow grass, and trim hedges. Instead I’ve played PSP, blogged, and made a general nuisance of myself around the house. I’m convinced that if I wait long enough the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources will confiscate our land to make it part of the Sumter National Forest. I’m guessing my neighbors aren’t too happy.

6. We did clean up the house like old school to prepare for this past week’s TV interview. I can now see the floor in my studio/bonus room and my office, which were the two worst rooms in our home. I find it interesting how just a few short months ago Joan and I were griping about how awful Jessie’s room looked. Jessie threatened to shortchange my allowance if I didn’t keep my office in better shape. My how quickly the little ones catch on.

7. The Hollyhocks are blooming throughout our nature sanctuary. Despite my lack of attention toward the flowerbeds those guys and gals are flourishing. Hollyhocks have to be my favorite flower since they bloom early July and will continue producing color until November. I bought one packet of seeds a few years ago and we now have every color you can imagine throughout our jungle. It also helps that they’re a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies.

8. I shaved my goatee this morning. I left a “soul patch” on my chin for most of the morning just to drive my wife nuts. She HATES them. If it weren’t so gray I would’ve left it for a few more days just to irritate her.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some leftover ribs to eat and a clean pool calling me…


Vance said...

Thanks Bennie! I have already met your challenge. Mostly b/c I have no life and I had time to do it tonight. Anywho...thanks again for the tag/award :). Maybe my site will get a little more traffic now. Haha...riiiiight. Talk to you soon!

The Curmudgeon said...

I've always believed that the best place for pool was in the backyard of a friendly neighbor. Your story reinforces that belief....

bennie said...

Trust me when I tell you that had it not been so expensive to actually do it that money pit in our backyard would be filled with top soil and producing huge tomatoes, crook-neck squash, pole beans, sweet peppers, and okra.

It would be a much better investment in my opinion.

Kyla said...

Ooooh, swimming! We can't resist it.

And I love it when I'm forced to REALLY clean the house...we're just clutter accumulating people and it helps to have a little motivation to clear it away once in a while. Of course I complain the whole time I'm doing it. *lol*

Congrats on the award!

SunKingpoet said...

Bennie, I've been a bit preoccupied lately. Apologies for not responding to your kindness. I'll rectify that as soon as I find the time. Much appreciation.

Bless you and yours.