Saturday, June 02, 2007

Top Ten List

(Toys in the Attic)

1. The pool is finally ready for swimming. Unfortunately nobody's in the mood around here to take a dip (except for Ben). Much needed rain has now arrived and it seems the enthusiasm for swimming has waned under darkened skies. Rain is forecast for the next three days so we may not use it until our return from the beach.

2. As much as I'd like to continue my fun with the process of designing a tee shirt for the Kelley Motorsports race team I've had to turn my endeavors toward selling some prints for my next show in Blowing Rock, NC two weeks from today. When we get home I'll have two days to prepare. Along with the swimsuits and towels I'll have to pack a bunch of art supplies to take on vacation so I can keep up with inventory for the summer shows.

Trust me when I say I don't mind the idea. My best work comes from painting on the deck of my Mom's beach house. My brothers and Ben's cousins are already chomping at the bit to participate as well. My niece and God-child Caroline is a budding artist herself. I'm excited to hand her the brushes for a change of pace. I might bring back something wonderful for you all to view. I apologize already that it won't be for sale since my mother will be there to referee the event.

3. Jessie and my mother (yes, you read that correctly) have their dance recital on Monday. While Jessie's young team always gets a huge welcome to the stage my mother AND MY AUNT both get huge receptions from the audience. Too bad my wife doesn't have the time to still participate.

I haven't talked about my mom very much and that's unfortunate. She is one of the coolest people you could ever meet. She was my best friend until Ben came along. She's also responsible for me being an artist and professional painter. In venturing out into the Blogosphere I've come to realize that this situation is rather unusual. What is more unusual is that my wife also considers her as best friend. I would say that is even more unusual. My mother is The Rock of our family. She is the source of my creativity, support, and humor.

She set the standard for me and my brothers and that's not to say that my father was bad. I lost my Dad as he was about to turn 52. That is really too young an to lose a parent and partner. Me and my brothers often talk about how much my Dad would've loved Ben. This post is making me emotional so I'll tell you more about them later.

4. I love summer and I usually love yard work. Unfortunately the yard was neglected last year and our domain looks like crap. My off week was meant to show some affection for our shrubs and flower beds side yard but instead I will need to get the jungle tamed. So far there are no reports of black snakes.

5. Ben is doing well. That is all I will say due to the jinxing I've put him through before. The Little Man is still working on standing, crawling, and walking.

6. I've gotten my creative kick in the butt. There are about 6 paintings going on in the studio and two needing work (Andre and Colleen, you hear that?).

7. This is my first summer blogging and I miss the blog entries or visits from many of you. It's not a contest mind you but I can tell that some of you take the warm weather days off. What's up with that? Is it like you have something better to do outside?

8. I love grilling stuff. I'll be like some of the other blog mommies and share some cool recipes with you over the coming weeks. Most of these can be manipulated enough to make them oven ready. I'll just warn you that meat will mostly be the main focus.

9. As you can guess Aerosmith is my favorite band in the universe. I'm sure You Tube or some such place have videos but you're missing the point. GO SEE THE BAND! They are God's gift to rock and roll. And if you haven't bought them yet buy Rocks and Toys in the Attic.

10. Nothing else to say. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Gretchen said...

I loved Toys in the Attic when I was younger--I "borrowed" it from my sister's collection. Glad all is well Chez Waddell. I'm still jealous of your vacation so go live it up! We spent time in our own jungle this week with lots more work to do.


Kyla said...

Sounds like everything is going well!! I'll be around all here stays pretty much the same year round!

kimmyk said...

Sounds like life is moving along at a happy steady pace. That's great you're so close to your mom. I hope my son and I remain close when he gets older.

I've never been a huge fan of Aerosmith, but I can appreciate the fact that you dig 'em so much. I'm sure they do too.