Monday, May 28, 2007

On the Palette

Brilliant Blue: That is the color our pool should be by now but we are having a devil of a time getting the water to clear up. The main problem is that we were too lazy busy last fall to put the cover over it. Therefore all of the leaves from my neighbor's oaks ended up at the bottom of or pool.

Have you ever been around an oyster or mussel bed near the ocean at low tide? That's what the stuff coming up from the bottom of the pool smells like. Nasty.

Fortunately we're getting close. Unfortunately it took up most of our yard work time over the weekend which means a full week ahead of blood, sweat, and tears. I'm shooting now for a Thursday swim just in time for...

Cadmium Orange Hue: School's out for summer! Friday at 12:30 PM I'll blast Alice Cooper at full volume when I pick up Jessie from school. It's an annual rite of passage for Jessie into freedom for the next 2 & 1/2 months. In fact a week from this actual moment the family will be at Furman University to watch Jessie's year-end dance recital then it's off to Kiawah Island for a week or so.

Manganese Blue Hue: Thankfully my next art show is still three weeks away because I have an awful lot of work to complete. Besides building up inventory for the next few festivals I have a special project I've just started work on. I mentioned a week or so ago that I've been recruited to do artwork for a local drag race team. One of my best friends is the marketing/media director for the Kelley Motorsports team competing in IHRA which is just one division below the big boys (NHRA). It's the equivalent of the Busch series in comparison to the Nextell Cup cars in NASCAR.

Okay, I'll admit it. I've become pretty much a car junkie in my old age. Even if you're not a racing fan you'll enjoy reading about Andy & Pat Kelley, a father & son team. Mrs. Kelley even mixes the racing fuel!


moosh in indy. said...

DUDE is that a mullet?

Bennie said...

I'm gonna make Cody argue with you the rest of the decade.

NO!!! I just had long hair! My wife was jealous.

Kyla said...

Does Ben love the water? KayTar just goes crazy for it. We can visit my parents without her demanding a swim in the pool.

kimmyk said...

I love the pool picture. Ben looks really relaxed.

My kiddies don't get out of school until next week, but we're all looking forward to it. Just means our vacation is approaching and we're ready this year!