Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blogged by Ben

Hello my blogging friends! I've been fairly busy since Dad has been at home more.In fact after this weekend's festival he'll be off for a couple of weeks. During that time we're going to the beach to see all of my cousins! I'm already getting excited!

I really wanted to get outside today to sit in my special swing while I watched Dad cut grass. It is a little cooler than the summer-time temperatures we've had for a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately the air was filled with smoke from some forest fires way down in Florida so Dad and Lisa decided it might hurt my breathing. Instead I sat in Nurse Lisa's lap and watched Dad cut grass from my therapy room. It still makes me laugh to see him pass back and forth in front of my window. Sometimes (when he's not grouchy) he stops and waves at me through the window. He didn't wave today.

The only bummer is that Dad tried to start the pool pump today so we might be able to go swimming on Memorial day. Evidently he ran into some problems with the pool pump which didn't help him with his mood. He also wasn't too happy with Baloo, our family dog. On the phone to Mom I heard Dad call him a billy goat. I'm not sure what that means but it may have something to do with all of the things Dad found partially eaten in the backyard.

I'm working on some more canvases! Dad needs to get to work so he can finish our paintings. He told me we were going to take our supplies to the beach so my uncles can see me work. I might paint some palm trees or the ocean while we're there.

I sense Jessie is getting excited about school ending for the year. Her last day is June 1st and I'm sure she can't wait. She's different than me. I love school and I'm already missing it since my year has already ended. The good thing is that next year I will take the bus to school three days a week! How cool is that?

Until my next blog entry I wish you all health, happiness, and peace!

Photo: Ben helps scrub paint off his hands after an art session.


Gretchen said...

Hi Ben, it's Gretchen-Simon's mom. We are both jealous of your upcoming vacation and also very happy that you get to go be with your mom, dad, sister and all your cousins and family members. It's always fun to go on vacation. Paint some pretty ocean pictures while you're gone--we love to see your artwork!
Kisses and hugs!

Ben said...

Tell my Dad he needs a swift kick in the butt to get our paintings done.

Gretchen said...

Bennie--Consider yourself kicked! Now get to it.

kimmyk said...

Oh dear @ the dog.

Get back to work ya slacker. (dad, not Bennie)

(just kidding)

Kyla said...

Painting on the beach? You lucky dog, Ben!