Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blogged by Ben
(and tagged by The Moosh)

It wasn't really The Moosh but her mom, Casey. She wants to know 8 unknown and utterly odd things about me. We've brain-stormed as a family this evening trying to come up with stuff you don't already know about me like I drool a lot, I sneeze through my neck, and I laugh all the time. My family thinks that is nothing new to you friends that read our blog regularly. So I put my thinking cap on, coughed some phlegm up trying to get their attention (THAT always gets their attention) and came up with with new stuff that might be interesting or at least gross you out.

I really think this will be lots of fun. At least its funny to me but just about everything is funny to me! So here goes...

8. I love the feeling of flying through the air. Most of the time it requires jumping directly from where I'm sitting or laying down. Unfortunately I'm not real pleased with the landing part because most of my flights last less that a second. Mom and Dad won't let me comment further since neither one will take responsibility about my ability to fly. Wimps.

7. I wear sunglasses when I'm outside. Dad picks out some really cool shades for me like the blue lenses I'm currently sporting. My folks tell people I'm sensitive to sunlight since I'm inside most of the time but let's face the facts, I'm just too cool not to wear them.

6. The next one is like Dad saying he doesn't snore. I've heard him. Mom's heard him. Jessie's heard him. People in the next county have heard him! They tell me that although they put me in bed at night covered in blankets and cuddled up with snuggly friends I usually end up turned 180 degrees with my feet against the wall with nothing on except a diaper. I think they're lying.

5. I could sport an orange afro like you wouldn't believe but Mom keeps cutting my hair short. I really don't mind the haircuts since I get one when Dad gets a trim but I sure do like the Einstein look. In fact most of my family likes it as well. Not Mom.

4. If you've ever watched my videos you'll notice that my head leans to the right...often. I even do that in my car seat. The nurses hate it, my parents hate it, and everyone who rides with us hates it. I just laugh. Let's just say I do it MY WAY!

3. I love water. I love taking a bath with Dad. I love being carried from the van to wherever when its raining! I love the pool and the ocean. Mom hides. Wimp.

2. People think I've lost my front two teeth and therefore I have "fangs." Nope. My top gum is curved due to my cleft palette. My upper teeth disappear when I smile. So the rumor about being a vampire is just a rumor. But I WILL drool on you if I get a chance!

1. Personal stuff here. I'm constipated. Sorry but it is the truth. I take a laxative. Things seem to work their way out of my body real slow. Evidently I make some rather strange faces as the chute is opening as in I kind of turn purple. I also have (what seems to be) an endless smile. It is just the pushing process. I'm positive this comes from Mom's side of the family because they have a a great deal of....oops...Dad told me to quit.

Anyway, this has been fun! I don't think Mom & Dad think it's funny...


moosh in indy. said...

Sweet little man, you never let me down. the moosh hasn't pooped in a few either, we feel your pain, I mean strain.

Gretchen said...

Hilarious! I'm glad to meet the real Ben :)

Kyla said...

Oh my gosh, this was totally hilarious. Ben, you are one funny young man.