Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Be Careful When You Comment...

On other folk's blogs. You just might get tagged with a meme. Sort of like I was doing last night when I wasn't completely sober and visited KimmyK's site. I began to read that she likes to sniff her dog's paws and eats condiment sandwiches so I wondered in writing why she chose to reveal these things to the Blogosphere. It seems I skipped over the part where Spanish Goth had tagged Kim with "7 Random Things" to list about herself. By the way, I don't read Spanish Goth's blog often enough - the guy is absolutely hilarious.

So with a slight twist to the original rules I've come up with a few random things you might not know about me or Ben (5 for me, 2 for him because I said so).

1. I found it interesting that Kim mentioned right off the bat that she started taking vitamins recently. Well yours truly started this morning. It seems I've been getting The Cramps all too often the past few art shows. Joan would tell you that it's hormonal but I find that odd since they're occurring in my calves (no, not the livestock but the lower half of my legs). Ironically I'm very good about keeping hydrated on very hot days so I've been a little baffled by this problem.

Nurse Lisa heard me discussing this with Joan recently and suggested I might not be getting the proper vitamins while traveling. Yes, I read between the lines and understood exactly what she really meant. I'm getting old and body is finally breaking down.

2. I'm seriously addicted to Sirius satellite radio. Seriously! Specifically addicted to Sirius 63 - Outlaw Country. I'm serious! I got the radio package so I could choose from about a hundred different talk shows (sans Howard Stern - he's there I just couldn't tell you which channel), sporting events, and about any style music you can name. Therefore I'd never be bored while driving to shows. My receiver stays on one channel: 63.

Where else can you listen to Johnny Cash followed by Lynyrd Skynyrd followed by Wilco followed by The Naked Trucker & T-Bones followed by The Byrds followed by....I think you get the idea. Plus you have complete retards like Mojo Nixon and Fred Imus (Don's employed younger brother) hosting shows...uncensored.

3. I bite my fingernails. Usually the day after I return home from a show. I'm not as bad as my dad who would nibble on his nails until they bled.

4. I've always been and will always be a bad procrastinator. If I have a commission piece I'll wait until the week I'm supposed to deliver it to start. All of my papers in high school and college were written the night before they were due. I generally send in my applications to festivals right at the deadline.

This fact drives my wife and daughter absolutely bonkers because both of them are the complete opposite. Although it is not required of her like some other of here friends Jessie generally will complete her homework right when she gets home from school. I think this characteristic of me is funny since...

5. I never ever ever never ever never want to be late for anything. In fact I usually arrive early for almost any appointment, date, meal, movie, death, funeral, wedding, bar mitzvah, shower, bath, flood, car wash, illness, keg party, frat party, political party, quilting party, etc., etc., etc. Unfortunately if the two females of my immediate family are to be included in the previously stated events then we will be late. It drives me bonkers.

6. Whenever Ben is concentrating on a task (painting, television, therapies) he almost always leans his head to the right. We're not quite sure why. Theories have ranged from that he hears better through his left ear to that he's using the right lobe of his brain for creativity. I can just tell you that it drives the rest of us bonkers because it looks very uncomfortable. Evidently it's not.

7. If I were to give a percentage estimate I would say that Ben is smiling about 75% of the time he is awake. In fact many times we see him smile or even laugh while he is asleep! I'll even through in another neat tidbit: when Ben really gets cracked up he literally shakes all over. One of these days I'll capture that moment on camera. It is absolutely infectious.

So there you have 'em. Instead of tagging a few of you I'm tagging all of you that want to participate. Just leave a comment to let me know you're participating so I can read your 7.


kimmyk said...

That'll teach ya...and wait a second...

What did you mean by "Sort of like I was doing last night when I wasn't completely sober"-Nice to know you visit me when you're snockered off your wagon! Good for you. I wish I could drink at times...but no.

SG is a hoot isn't he? Glad I could help you with a new read.

I've been wanting to get satellite radio for Jamie, but he keeps telling me no because he doesn't listen to the radio much and just CD's, but I think he would enjoy it.

Nurse Lisa said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Funny that you didn't post the REAL discussion that was had between the 3 of us about why you didn't get the upgraded version of Mega Men...

moosh in indy. said...

FINALLY. I have Wilco on my iPod. The rest of the music you listen to and mention makes me feel really young and out of touch-but we shall always have Wilco I suppose.
Seven things? I'll do it, eventually. :)

SpanishGoth said...

Yo dude,

Just found you by accident - backtracking through stuff. So I figured I should point out that a) I am in awe of your commitment b) when the new site goes live next week, you will be linked (not that I'm sure any of the weirdos who pitch up on the shores of Goth World can help but...)

c) HUGE Gothic hugs to Ben

*bows and exits*