Friday, February 16, 2007

Top Ten Things Heard Today (so far)

1. Me to Nurse Lisa: "Have I ever told you the story of how Ben got his first beaver?"

2. Up against the wall Redneck Mother
Mother, who has raised her son so well

He's thirty-four and drinking in a honky tonk

Kicking hippies asses and raising hell.

"Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother" by Ray Wylie Hubbard and sung by Jerry Jeff Walker

3. "You know we have so much in common. We wear glasses, we're about the same height, our hair is the same color, and we have the same sense of fashion...which is probably most important." 10-year-old Jessie commenting about her friend Rachel spending the afternoon with us.

4. And if you're rated X you're some kind of goal every man might try to make
But I think it's wrong to judge every picture if a cheap camera makes a mistake

"Rated X" by Lorretta Lynn and sung by Niko Case

5. "Be sure you tell Lisa I had nothing to do with that beaver." On the phone with Joan.

6. She drove up across the yard and through his mama’s garden
Didn’t touch the brakes, she slammed right into his Chevrolet
Tossed out his clothes, boots, Bud cap, and signed Dale Jr. poster
Then shot the whole mess neon green with a can of DuPont spray

"Intentional Heartache" by Dwight Yoakam

7. " Two!" Ben in response to me trying to remember his age when he got his beaver.

8. Jump up, look around, find yourself some fun
No sense in sitting there hating everyone
No man's an island and his castle isn't home
The nest is for nothing when the bird has flown

"Teacher" by Jethro Tull

9. "Which road was it you take to get to Hell Hole?" Phone call from my good friend Freebird.

10. If we lived in a world without tears
How would bruises find
The face to lie upon
How would scars find skin
To etch themselves into
How would broken find the bones

"World Without Tears" by Lucinda Williams


Jennifer Remeta said...

Hello Ben!! Just wanted to stop in and say hello to you and your Dad. Hope you have a great weekend!

-Jennifer and Alex

BlogWhore said...

very creative post...

Vickie said...

I agree - very creative. But what is this???
"Have I ever told you the story of how Ben got his first beaver?"
I am drawing a blank on this one.

Lisa said...

Wow, the first Beaver story was a mighty interesting one!! HAHAHA!!!

And even the cashier was slightly embarrassed while she rang up Ben's First Beaver!

Don't worry Joan, I know that you wouldn't have bought Ben his first beaver!