Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the Palette

Emerald Green: Ben has had a terrific week so far. Two days of school with therapy and wonderfully fun activities. The Kid just keeps amazing us with his strength and determination.

I know as readers you might get tired of me saying this but we can't thank Kristie, Doris, and Sallie enough for what they do for these kids. Ben is relatively easy for them because his personal nurse is with him everyday he attends.

There are six other children who are ten years of age or less that require diaper changes, therapies, fun activities, and meals which are fed to them in a couple of ways. They are either hand-fed or tube-fed depending on their conditions and skills. They all are wheel-chair bound which makes for a difficult little parade through the hallways when the kids attend art or P.E.

Of course being teachers and aides of special needs kids there is always the unknown they must be prepared for like seizures (which most of the children have occasionally) or the sudden illnesses that crop up or the interesting messes they can make (I'll let your imagination run with that one).

Cerulean Blue Hue: The creative juices are beginning to flow. I guess that all it took was forcing myself to "attack" a few canvases and get a couple of acceptances to art festivals in the mail. The best inspiration has been the challenge of finishing a few pieces that Ben started for me. Those small paintings present much difficulty in interpretation. There are some that I see an image almost immediately. Others are much more complicated and all of Ben's nurses have now experienced the same dilemma.

I'm sure the casual reader here may see that as hogwash but to spend time with Ben as he paints you can sense his intensity and intelligence as he considers the project in front of him. He has even made the choice recently not to paint (Nurse Jenny got that message loud and clear a few weeks ago). It obviously has become an important part of his life noted in the fact that he was a little upset with me this week until he spent some time with his art teacher today.

Light Blue Violet: Well we just might see some frozen stuff here tomorrow morning. All of the parents and faculty at both my children's schools are watching The Weather Channel tonight. It could be snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, or just a cold rain depending on the arrival of the storm system. More than likely it'll be an ice event. I truly would like some snow for a change. We want Ben to experience some fun snow activities. I realize that Nurse (Wimp) Lisa is wanting to work tomorrow so she is more than welcome to bundle up like a true Buckeye and come play with Ben and Jessie in the snow tomorrow. She can even use her hubby as a police escort over here!


kimmyk said...

If you get him outside in the snow I wanna see some pictures up in here.

Glad to hear you found your creative mojo again. You said Ben was upset with you this week...what did you do?

Lisa said...

HAHAHAHAHA, if we ever got JUST snow, I guess it would be ok for a day or so!!! BUT we don't get snow...we get a flurry in between sleet and ice. The only time I saw snow here was in 2000. I really do wish we could get a good snow...only for Ben's sake!!! And hahaha about using DH as an escort...he can't drive in the snow, he's from here!

Anyway, Ben was in an awesome mood today! It was sooooo great to see him smile and laugh ALL day!

And I can vouch for Ben's artistic temperment! HEHE!! He can be quite a character.

Love that boy!!!

Casey said...

When we get it you'll be next, nothing snowy today, just good ol' bitter cold.
the moosh is doing well thank you, my husband is still capable of procreating also. ;)

Kyla said...

I hope you guys do get snow!! I wish we were going to get some too. It is a very, very rare here.