Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogged By Ben

Hello friends! It's been awhile since I've had a chance to catch everyone up with the happenings in my life! I am very healthy and happy. As my Dad likes to say I'm growing like a weed.

I know that Dad has been keeping you up with all the excitement around here. This past weekend we went to visit my "Uncle" Mark's house. Mark is not my real uncle but he's one of my Dad's best friends. We helped him celebrate his 50th birthday.

The best part was getting to see my good friend Kendall, Mark's daughter! I think she is very pretty so I flirted with her all evening long. In fact we found out that she has been modelling professionally! I finally got to sit in her lap and fell asleep.

I heard my Mom and Dad say later that they have watched her grow up. She's now a senior in high school and will be going to my folk's alma mater, Furman University! She wants to be a doctor one day partly because of her knowing me and wanting to help children like me!

I've also been doing a lot of painting! Nurse Jenny helped me start some brand new paintings last week. I 'm going to have to fuss at my Dad though. He's gotten way behind on finishing up some of our works we do together. I'm also proud to say that we've sold some of my prints recently. I think that is so cool!

And then of course we had some television people show up to interview me and Dad a little over a week ago. That was exciting! They showed up in this huge truck and then brought all kinds of lights and cables in our house.

My Dad was real nervous but he said I made him relax by me just sitting next to him. I think he, my Mom, and Jessie think the best part was all of you getting to see me on camera.

Well I'm off to scold Dad about getting to work! I'll post again real soon. Until then everybody take care!

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