Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Being a mostly stay-at-home dad I'm always excited to find great father-son or father-daughter stories. The stories don't have to include one of the pair having a disability to pique my interest but those that do are my favorites.

To be a good parent is so very difficult these days. There are so many more avenues by which our kids can get in trouble or hurt than back in my day (God, help me - I'm sounding like my father!). We had no Playstation, cell phones, e-mail, YouTube, instant messaging, chat rooms, or (gasp!) My Space. To be that good parent takes guts, courage, discipline, motivation, and a great deal of effort; more so than I've ever expended in any other activity of my life.

Now add a disability to the mix. Those chores and tasks probably double if not triple due to the extra work involved keeping those special kids healthy and happy. You read last night how my wife spoke so passionately about how I want Ben to live the fullest life possible. I would say that is the norm for us exceptional parents! And I have to admit that I occasionally sit back and pat myself on the back and think "what a great job you're doing, Bennie."

Well those moments don't last very long. I end up running across a story about the Hoyts (which you can read about over at the side bar) or this father and son trumpet team.

Yeah, good job, Bennie. Now go fold some laundry and get dinner going.


kimmyk said...

What's cookin?

You are doing a great job, Bennie. Thought I'd just let ya know...*pats you on the back*

Twilight said...

Hi. Thank you for sharing...and encouraging a new blogger.