Wednesday, December 06, 2006


If and when you ever make that step toward becoming a professional artist or crafter make sure you have really thick skin. Rejection, which leads to disappointment which leads to discouragement which leads to questioning your abilities which leads to depression which leads to....I think you get the picture, comes in a variety of ways for the artisan.

Obviously if you have a crappy show (translation: you didn't make expenses because sales sucked) while another artist selling a similar item has a great show ("Can you break these 5 one hundred dollar bills for me?") the feeling of rejection comes quite natural. But we learn as time goes by that the buying public is fickle. Why does a male golfer have to purchase a new driver every year even though the one he has loses the golf ball quite frequently like it's made to do? Why does a female buy a new pair of shoes? Because she can.

Another form of rejection is literally getting rejected from a show. Try getting two in the mail in the same day. Yup. They were in today's mail. One was even from my own home town.

I hope everyone else has a nice day!


Redneck Mommy said...

Aww, that just sucks.

Sorry dude. But I've been there. Can't tell you how many times a publisher has rejected my writing.

Good thing I have a strong sense of self esteem.

And a love of good red wine.

an artist on the edge said...

Hi Bennie,

take it as a day off that you get to spend doing something more fun, and less costly instead...

btw - if it's any consolation to you, they didn't want me there for the 'sphere either...must be my deodorant :) (well, or my art of course...)
then again, the odds were pretty steep to be able to get in for that show anyway, don't take it too hard.
there are other better shows to be done - maybe we'll get to be booth neighbors sometime.

don't let it get you down - have breakfast instead!
that's what i think i'm going to be doing that day, i can hardly wait (for breakfast, that is...)