Friday, November 17, 2006

Hi y'all!

From what I understand that's the official greeting down here in the South. I felt sleepy all day Monday but the rest of the week was great! I got to go to school both yesterday and today. I usually don't attend on Fridays but my Dad said I will have a short week next week because of Thanksgiving. He and Mom like it when I go to school because I learn so much.

This weekend sounds like it'll be awesome. Tomorrow night my Dad's side of the family will get together for our Thanksgiving celebration. I've been told my Mom that we refer to that side of the family as The Crazy Side. I'm not sure why she says that but I laugh a lot when I'm around them. My Me-Ma and her two sisters are usually the ring-leaders of that circus!

I hope you like mine and Dad's latest painting! My Dad told me that this one was the hardest to finish so far. I like what he did with it because I really like horses! What? You think I'd be afraid of something big like a horse? Well, I've gotten to ride a horse! That has been one of my favorite therapies (I like swimming the best).

Well, it's almost time to watch some TV with my sister. I love my sister very much. We curl up together every night about this time and watch TV together. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

The picture is from Ben's second Thanksgiving (2000). He spent his first one in the NICU. Note the red hair on both Jessie and Ben.

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