Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hello friends!

I'm happy to report that I am feeling much better today! Although I'm not 100 percent just yet I should be feeling good enough to go back to school on Tuesday. Unfortunately my Mom and Dad are now feeling ill. It's been a strange week. Everyone except Dad ended up at the doctor's office and now everyone in the family is taking an antihistimine for our allergies.

Me and Daddy just laid around today watching football and listening to the Furman game. I know that doesn't sound like fun to some folks but it was for me. This was the first Saturday since football season started that we could do that. I love Mommy and Jessie but I sometimes just want to be alone with my Dad. He plays with differently than anybody else and he really makes me laugh (even when I don't feel good).

Vickie will be back on Monday. I heard Dad tell her that we're going to paint again if I feel strong enough! In fact Dad still has to finish a couple of our canvases. I'd better go and tell him to get to work! Take care!
The photo is of Vickie and Ben at Challenge Day which Bob Jones University hosted early last month.

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