Monday, November 06, 2006

Hello everyone! I had a really good weekend after getting some doses of my medicine. Yesterday was lots of fun! My Mom and Jessie played with me most of the morning. I got to show her how good I am operating my Big Mac. Because she's been working so hard lately it had been awhile since she saw any of my therapies. I think she was very impressed!

Now that I'm feeling so much better my Dad gets sick. I heard him tell Miss Vickie today that he was running a fever. He told her it was probably allergies but to be on the safe side I haven't seen him much today. I guess he wants to make sure I stay healthy so I can attend school.

Speaking of school, Dad did say he got an e-mail from my teacher. Miss Kristy was very excited to find out we earned $25 last month for our class fund! She is going to tell the occupational and physical therapists about it so they can be thinking about an equipment purchase we can all use. In the mean time it will go into the class savings account.

I'm looking forward to this week. Besides school we are supposed to go see Furman play football again this Saturday. That will be lots of fun. Talk to you again soon!

The photo is of linebacker Keith Boykins of the Furman Paladins shaking Ben's hand during the Paladin Walk. The pregame ritual features the team walking from Timmons Arena through Paladin Plaza into the stadium. Those big young men always have their "game face" on when they pass by. About half of them can't help but grin and stop to say something to Ben.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Ben, that was great news. We'll have to look for something special for you! =)
Just a reminder, no school tomorrow (Election Day). I hope to see you on Wednesday!
Miss Kristy