Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Painting by Ben & Bennie Waddell

Title: "Ben's Dragonfly"
Size: 8"x10" canvas panel
Price: SOLD

This is the second painting we've completed together. The painting is standard frame size or could be displayed on a small picture easel.

To purchase either use the link to PayPal on the front page or e-mail me at I accept Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, or a personal check. As always a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Ben's Class Fund.

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an artist on the edge said...

Hi Bennie,

it sounds like you all are having a "not so great time" with the situation you are in - i'm sorry to hear that the squeeze is on you, i've been in a similar situation (minus the health issues with kids though - so that's something that of course takes quite a bit more energy and time). as they say "this too shall pass" - don't give up your art and your dream, though.
There are times when things will sell - and others when they won't. And neither time has much to do with your work, but rather with other factors that you have no influence over.
While being a full-time artist is great and a lot of fun, it also is one of the hardest jobs to actually make a consistent paycheck on. The stress of having to provide for a family with a setting like that will really put the pressure on everybody remotely involved in the situation.
(again, been there, done that...only recently was able to slow down and paint as i felt instead of "crankin' it out" to feed the children).
Having an outside job might make you feel like you've failed at your dream - but you haven't until you give up on it.
Keep painting as much as you can - it might just give you fresh approaches and a bit of rest that you need to move forward, while not worrying too much about the financial aspect of it. Might just be another step towards your dream, instead of away from it.

make sure you email your collectors and previous buyers about your art online - they might just not know where to find you, if you haven't told them...i've found that emailing my previous customers usually generates a few bids, regardless of where i have my art listed.
Of course, if there is anything i can help you with, just let me know.
Give Jessie, Ben and Joan a hug from me - "y'all will be alright!", just keep on hanging in there.
(and you know, even if it doesn't seem like it at times: god IS there, and he DOES know what's going on, and (here comes the astonishing part) it's not his fault :) - it would be great if god did take care that we never had to go through hard times, but then: what would distinguish the good times fromt the bad?)
don't lose your faith over all this - it's what can actually carry you through, even when the going gets tough. and yes, god does understand that you're ready to give up - just don't, you'll lose soo much more than just being an artist. (and yep, i know this from experience as well...).
so even if you think you're alone in all this - you're not! I'll be praying for you and your family, regardless of which direction you go...just keep on hanging on, it will get a LOT better!
(sorry for the loooong post - but i feel pretty strongly you need a bit of support in some kind right about now...)
drop me a line if you need to talk...