Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hello everyone!

This has not been a good week for me. I had to go to the doctor this morning to get some medicine. Allergies got to me early in the week and I just couldn't shake the cold symptoms. Miss Vickie says I've been much stronger than in the past in trying to get better on my own. When I was much younger I probably would've ended up in the hospital after a few days of sickness. The worst part is that I missed all week of school!

Me and Dad finished our first painting! That was the best thing about this week. My Mom says the picture of it doesn't do it justice. You can actually see the textures I made with a rag and my finger prints I left all over the canvas! My Dad was very careful to leave those things in the painting so that whoever buys it will have a part of me in it! My Dad is now working on two more of my paintings.

Well I need to rest now. Come back soon! I like for my friends to visit with me.

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