Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Day at My School

Here I am participating in reading a book during Circle Time. We do this every morning. Me and my classmates take turns answering questions using that big blue button. It is called a Big Mac (no, not the hamburger silly). Miss Kristy records her voice on it and when we press it down we can hear her answer for us! Of course me and my friends are already chatting most of Circle Time.

I do a lot of this at school!

Remember the Pumpkin Patch? I brought one to class for all of us to enjoy. Today Miss Kristy carved it into a Jack O'Lanturn. It was kind of ooky inside but he had a funny face when she got through. Can you see all of our Big Macs on the floor? Also you can see my best friend Justin sitting in front of Miss Kristy!

Today was my day to get physical therapy. This is a brand new walker the school just received. Notice how well I am holding my head up! It wasn't too long ago that I could only hold my head up for just a few seconds. Mom and Dad told me that I couldn't hold my head up without support for the first two years of my life. Today I stood in this position and looked around the room for 45 minutes! I even took a few steps with Miss Porter, my therapist, helping me.

This is a fun thing to play on. My Dad wants to get me one for our pool next summer! I can't make it rock as good as Justin can but I'll get as good as him one day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ben,
I missed you today. Did you get all tired out after all that hard work at school yesterday? You did so well--especially in your stander--I know that was new for you! I loved seeing the pictures of you, me and all of your friends at school. I saw Justin looking around a lot today and I can't be sure, but I think he was looking for you. ;)
Miss Kristy