Friday, November 25, 2016

The Water is Wide

The time to write is once again right. Long story short my creativity burned out around the same time I quit doing art shows. It was at the same time as The Great Recession while I tried churning out crap that people could buy from Pier One Imports or Bed, Bath, and Beyond cheaper than I could make it. Am I bitter about people buying junk verses true art? Maybe. Okay, yes.
Regardless, my writing stopped. I've been singing once again the past few years in a classic rock band but that has not filled a void within me. The mojo is finally returning and the following is just a tiny (okay, really big) part in getting me to write once again. It is a piece partially taken for a secret Facebook group that focuses on kayaking which explains some of the specific references to the sport. I hope that each and every few of you that still read here have a terrific weekend.

How a Kayak Changed my Life
I don't remember the actual year (maybe 2008?) but church member David Freeland turned me on to kayaking. Our families were vacationing at the time on the South Carolina coast when my good friend was suffering from his own family tragedy. The peace Dave had while on the Water in the midst of his own grief was something I coveted. At the time I was told by my wife that there was no way, no how that I would get a kayak. We were just flat broke.
Years have now passed and on Father's Day this year my wife took me to Walmart (yes, I hate it too). My incredible wife bought me my first kayak! it is a 10' Sun Dolphin Aruba which she could only afford via her paycheck that came at the end of that month. This occurred at the end of our vacation on Lake Keowee, South Carolina paid for by a family member.
In recent months I have purchased another kayak wanting others to join me. I have a terrific friend (Tom Taylor) who has been patient with my family's circumstances and who invited me to this forum.
This is my point. I have discovered peace and tranquility on a floating vessel that I have never found on solid land. Foremost I am thankful for friends like David Freeland and Tom Taylor who may I add, have very different political and religious opinions from each other and possibly myself (even though all three of us have southern preachers within our families) yet we remain true friends for life - hopefully an example to others. The water is indeed wide. It accepts all. It bathes all. It can heal all if we let it.
Peace and love to all who are part of this Church.

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